About D.D.

  • is a life learner who's fortunate enough to live and breathe in Singapore
  • is an Indonesian Chinese who is very proud for her ability to converse in Hokkien, Mandarin, Bahasa Indonesia, English and very broken French
  • was born as the only child of the best parents in my universe
    had the best 4-legged sister named Kiky who loves to eat Chinese herbal soup and durian
  • survived 1998 riot in Pematangsiantar
    managed to graduate from NTU without understanding what the hell Materials Engineering is or will be
  • is still having many great and loving friends around and still increasing in numbers
  • is still searching for what on earth my purpose in life is but not "too" bothered by it as it is slowly revealing in its own beautiful way
  • is as curious as a monkey
  • will always be the only person who loves herself so much even her reflection can't stand her
  • loves the simplicity and complexity in life
  • calls Oprah her momma
  • loves to see things and people as who they are without imposing any labels on them
  • loves almost everything French especially those with alcohol
    has Yin/Yang as her super favourite symbol
  • is a serial Facebook sharer to the point a curb was needed by performing a one week Facebook Fasting
  • learns that at any point of time, spending time with awesome and authentic people, having great conversation with them over food and wine/beer is so really fulfilling