Finding Comfort in the Unknown

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If there’s a theme for the first quarter of my 2013, it gotta be a few of the following words …
– The Unknown
– The Untitled
– The Unlabeled
– The Uncertain
– The Unexplainable

This is not the first time I faced so many situations that were totally incomprehensible; all happened at the same time. But, this is the first time I find myself feeling really at ease with most of them. Some take a little more time but eventually, feeling at peace is the final destination. Name me one aspect of life and I will confidently tell you,”Je ne sais pas!” because I really have no clue about what is happening and what is going to unfold next. Truthfully, I’m crazily okay with it now.

Ironically, life is never certain, isn’t it? But most of us live our life, as if we have the premonitions of what will happen the very next hour, most of the time. We do flow in life with this sense of security and certainty, somehow. That our jobs are still there. That our friends are still with us. That people who know us, will understand us. That our health will not really give way because oh we are so healthy now. That we will go travel here and there by this time of the year. That we will go out and have fun. That the food we love will somehow be there forever for us.

Humility is one of the biggest teacher in life and finally I come to grasp the latest lesson I just learned that there are some things, no matter how brilliant our logical mind tries to understand, we will not be able to get any explanations regarding some people or circumstances, even in this lifetime. They will remain as … mysteries. Especially if the circumstances involve another human being, the level of manipulation might be higher. People say, well you can just ask the person directly if you want to know the truth. But what is the truth? Words are free. One can create a set of truth to answer your queries but how will you know if that’s the REAL truth?

Nothing is more liberating and comforting than finally realizing that the only truth in your life, is the one you allow to stay in your mind. Since you are capable of deluding yourselves with so many miserable things, why not choose something that actually make you feel at peace. For this specific situation that I am going through, I choose to believe that though I have done my very best with good intention, others are free to interpret, perceive and twist whatever I intent. I have my freedom and they too have theirs. I choose to bless the experience, then let go and let The Universe do what it knows best.

Someone taught me “路遥知马力,日久见人心” which literally means over a long distance, one will learn the strength of the horse, over a long period of time, you will know what’s in a person’s heart. Funnily, this very same person now actually delivered this lesson through live demonstration! Great life teacher indeed!

True character of a person can be revealed by time, but I would like to add, not only by time but by difficult time. Because everybody can be awesome friends during good time. Only in the very testing hour of life, someone’s true nature will surface up. I’m so grateful that it only took me less than 2 years to realize the “truth” of certain situation.That’s not very long, really.

To end with a beautiful Indonesian phrase that I really love, “Mati satu tumbuh seribu“, which means when one dies, thousand more will grow. My story indeed has a very happy ending. 🙂 Because what was lost, the Universe decided to replace it with greater possibilities.

What is the Unknown? Ah … but a beautiful blank canvas where I am free to paint as I wish. But the dots to be filled with whatever you can imagine them to be. I welcome and embrace the Unknown with all my heart because life is so much more fun when you think you are some kind of superhero, just like in the movie, conquering adventures as they come with the unexpected twists  and turns; but you know in the end all is going to be really swell.

Image courtesy of the Facebook page of Moving the Sun to Shine in Dark Places

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