Dear Knees of Mine, I Love You Crazily!

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I have never loved the left side of my lower back so much until today. I woke up with pain but I ignored it and went to sleep again thought it would go away. Alas, apparently I have sprained my left lower back without knowing how it did happen. Maybe I practiced some impossible Kungfu moves during my sleep.

The entire day I moved in pain, I still am. My BFF couldn’t stop laughing because I do look like some senior citizen grasping for breath. I too had fun laughing at myself because it was pretty amusing. However when my attention deficit disorder behaviour went away and I was left with only pure awareness of my body, I felt very appreciative towards my knees that enable me to still perform certain movements that normally require bending. I appreciate my flexibility like I’ve never done before. Then I laughed because maybe this indeed is a preview to old age if my joints decide to be super stiff, where movements are simply limited (if I’m granted to live that long, of course). It’s not easy. Almost anything that relates to bending, I need an extra support from my hand. I can’t just do it freely anymore.

I always find it amazing that such simple actions – bending and twisting – where people do it without blinking, require many parts of the body to make it happen. This amazing machine called “body of ours”, when one of its parts is down, it hinders us in doing so many things. Oh, even squatting was a tough chore.

Today I declare my utmost love to every single parts of my body, and you should too. Without them, I can’t do many things and guess that’s what this humbling pain is trying to teach me. I am especially in love with my knees this weekend. I may take a few more movements to accomplish what I can do in one swift, but I could still do it.

Our body is indeed an amazing creation. As long as mine is still operated by the breaths I take, I promise to make it one of the greatest love of my life because without it, I’m just a lover in spirit. That really won’t be that fun for someone who jumps around like a monkey like me!

To awesome health!

PS. I bet if my parents read this, I will receive a call with some lovely nagging in place … I’m waiting … :p

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