A Letter to May Day of 2013

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Hello 1st of May 2013.

I welcome you with open heart and over flowing joy because I sincerely have been looking forward to meet you after much anticipation since 4 months ago. Many have worried for me – from family members to friends – but not me. Why? Because this marks the day that I am officially without a constant income, without a title, without a job and ultimately without a perceived safety net. I am totally fine and at peace with it. I actually feel excited of the path ahead of me. 🙂 Lunatic? Yeah, I have been self-declaring that for months. Nobody really believes me anyway. They thought I am joking when I speak the truth. Not the first time anyway, right?

So, what’s in store for me this month? I am not really sure. I am quite busy though … I will tell you why .. later, if I do remember.

For sure, looking back at the rear view mirrors, I realized I am a chatterbox … daily without fail, I simply love to share my happenings to a few of my friends. I believe some of them must be bored to death. Since I have a blog with my name, I decide, it’s my story, my blog, I am going to tell it here instead. Save my breath and those who are really interested can continue reading it. Those who are not, will be free from my constant messaging.

After more than 1 year of living so freely and truly to myself, I realize, my life is indeed an adventure. Full of stories. I simply couldn’t contain what I have in me anymore. I have to let it out. Though today is a public holiday where most people are resting and simply not doing anything … I know one friend has to go back to the office due to the nature of her job … so I shall join her and make this my first post for May Day of 2013!

How did I end the month of April, BTW?
With an impromptu dinner.
3 of my friends were there for dinner and 2 of them joined in afterwards.
I was challenged to do a dare which ended up with me meeting 5 other lovely friends of mine. My heart really couldn’t contain my happiness when I met all of them. I was lunatically ecstatic!
I had a great night. I hope my friends did too. I love all of them dearly because through them I see the beauty of this amazing world. Oh yeah … I also would like to thank 2 other special friends … 1 of them was trying to accommodate her schedule for me but simply couldn’t and the other one bothered to listen to my rant though I bet she was really sleepy at 1.30AM.

I have great friends. I have great encounters and I indeed have an awesome life that I wouldn’t trade for anything in this world.

Thank you all for this amazing ending and beginning of what’s to come. For my readers, you will sure to hear from me more often now. 🙂 Thanks for reading so far! 😀

PS. Since I remember what I said earlier … I have been busy with many complimentary wine tastings last months. Looking forward to more. Need more divine juice to keep on writing, you know? 😀

 A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge.
– Thomas Carlyle

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