I Know?

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I know “this”
I know “that”
I know enough
To speak and laugh

I feel a gap
In my knowing
This space
That I can hardly grasp

I thought I knew
But actually I don’t know enough
About the subject
Which named

This poem or … erm … piece of rambling was struck upon me when I realized how much I think I know and how much I want to know about stuff. I read. I watch. I listen. I ask and I am constantly learning. And the realization comes upon when those I inquire are not really about me. If I were to ask myself the question – Who am I? – I seriously don’t know how to answer the question. So … have I grasp the realm of knowing? May be not. But suddenly at that moment, I remember what Joni Mitchell has summed up in her beautiful song – Both Sides Now, which said,”I really don’t know _____ at all”. What’s filling the blank? In my case … I really don’t know me at all.

Do you know YOU?

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