When DD Said “Adventure”, Life Gave Her One Immediately

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Just 1 day after my May Day post, declaring to the world that “my life is indeed an adventure”, The Universe heard me so fast and gave me the first “adventure”. So, here we go ….

After happily sharing my lunch to my FB friends, I proceeded to the bus stop and waited under the super hot sun for my bus. I told my friend,”If I stand under this heat for few minutes every day, I’m sure I can burn some calories without exercising.” The bus heard me, refusing to let me burn off those calories around my belly, it arrived shortly after. I hopped on happily and continued whatsapp-ing / facebook-ing my friends.

One hour later, I grabbed my bag, went in to the building where I supposed to start my social media project work. Then, I realized … I forgot something. My weight seemed too light. Oh yeah … I left my laptop in the bus. Better still, the laptop doesn’t belong to me. Oh yeah, baby!

There was a little bit of panicky moment … but I immediately called the bus hotline for more than 5x, nobody picked up. Oh well … I googled through my dying Blackberry apparently the terminal is not that far away. So, I took another bus and prayed really hard hoping the laptop was being kept by the driver at the terminal. At least 20 minutes had passed since I went off the bus. Arriving at the terminal, I approached any bus drivers who then led me to their small little office and found out the bus has left the terminal. No laptop was spotted. Many kind people there, really, from the lady drivers, to the uncles, they all tried their best to help me. One has called the office at the final interchange and asked me to talk to the guy. The guy on the phone said he would call me back.

One uncle gave me a few more numbers and I just called all of them and repeated the same message. Well, no harm, right? No idea whom I called. I still had 50-50 chance by then. The driver could have kept it and brought it to the interchange or some passengers with sharp eyes might see it and grabbed it away. I told The Universe, whatever it is, I am learning my lesson and will think about it later.

Meanwhile, I was thinking for plan B, asking all my friends for contacts if they knew where I could get such model at a discount. One friend offered an alternative solution to the issue and offered her old laptop with friendship price. Another one was willing to give me her spare laptop for free. I was deeply touched by the people who were there and offered their ears/heads/hearts/laptop to me. What could I really do anyway? Carelessness happened. I had tried all ways to get it retrieved. At that moment, I could only smile, breathe deeply and wait for phone calls. I did just that.

On the way back to the building, I received a phone call from the first guy I spoke to. *Poof* … He said he had tried his best. He called 4 drivers and none saw any laptop. “Oh well..”, I said, “It’s okay then. I will lodge a police report, I guess.” Back to the building I went and just totally let go of the entire situation. I drank more water. Very thirsty lah … weather so hot!

Then I wondered,”What do I need to learn here? How did I attract and create this situation?” For sure I was not being “present” at that moment! I was in the “now” then but I was not in the “here” of the situation. My body was in the bus but my mind was elsewhere. I let go and quickly switched to Plan B/C mode. I realized I was not too panicky as I normally would … guess that’s a good thing. I remembered to breathe and smile and “oh well, what now?” to myself. I continued on with my life …

As I am a big fan of romantic comedies and cartoons, my adventure too had a happy ending. Half an hour later, I received another phone call from Mr. Wee (must be the 2nd or 3rd gentleman I talked to from whichever number that was given to me earlier). He said,”Oh you are so lucky. The bus just reached the interchange and your laptop is with us.” Of course, I went there afterwards. Of course, I thanked him/them/anyone with all my heart. Of course, I took my laptop and left and came back again to pass them the abundant of bread I bought to show my deep appreciation to them.

Am I really “lucky”? Hell yeah! I am well supported and protected in all ways. Then I declared to some of my friends that I love this country and the people in it DEEP DEEP DEEP! Because if the same thing has happened elsewhere … you will see me singing Auld Lang Syne with a bottle of something.

Well, what I learn for sure is to be really careful with what you ask for! I think I need to tweak the part when I say my life is an adventure! Must specify what kinda adventure I’m having. Universe ah, don’t like that play one can? But thank you nevertheless to give me an amazing happy ending in the end. All is well indeed.

“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances,
to choose one’s own way.”

—Dr. Viktor Frankl

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