My Friend, Fancy

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This humble poem is dedicated to my dearest flatmate, Fancy. She’s my MSN, Plurk, Facebook, Friendster, hanging-out, anything-goes kind of buddy. (We can do all those all at the same time, next to each other too). So, it’s time for me to do something “nice” to her.

*Evil laughter*

Here we go …

My Friend, Fancy

Her name is Fancy
Her nick is Panci
Her beau is Franky
Her car is Suzuki

Her mind’s quite blurry
But she ain’t a dummy
She thinks she’s groovy
We think she’s “clownie”

Her blood is AB
Her jokes are crappy
Her life is funny
But never lonely

That’s my friend Fancy
Who is quite lovely
Even though she’s silly
Still a GREAT company

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