An Act of Courage. A Gift of Friendship.

Friday the 13th of April 2012 was a very special day to me. Well, actually everyday is special to me. However, 2012 was a year of COURAGE if I could put a theme to it. Courage because I practiced it so well that talking to strangers seems easy peasy to me now. But nothing beats the vivid memory of that Friday the 13th. A day where my courage had grown so naturally (without alcohol) and the decision I took, changed my life forever.
My friends (including my beloved BFF) and I were watching a concert at my French school. It was some Gypsy band called Les yeux noirs. Superbly exciting! A great prelude to what was going to happen afterwards. On the same row as me, I noticed a girl whom I have chanced upon in a workshop before. I didn’t know her name but found her intriguing (ya, my favourite word to anything or anyone that piques my curiousity).
So, after the concert, apparently there was free wine and mingling session. I was totally ecstatic (yes, cos there was free wine!!). But before I went to get my wine, I told my BFF that I was going to get to know her. She gave me a stare but she knew my quirks too well … she just let me be. So, that was what I did exactly. Walked up to the intriguing girl and said hi and a beautiful friendship was forged just like that. Because, I followed my guts and took a chance with it. It never goes wrong.
We hardly meet in person but we talk pretty much constantly over WhatsApp (Thank you, WhatsApp! You’re an awesome creation!). Our friendship is one of a kind. We see the ups and downs of each other and we are there, through WhatsApp and most of the time we found laughter and relief. 
What I appreciate from her the most is the gift that she gave me without her realizing on the 2nd of May 2012 (20 days after knowing each other) when she texted me “U fix hearts. Cus u’ve kept me smiling when I know I would otherwise be miserable.” That was the day when I kept a “Soul Food” journal on my phone. I didn’t know then that I thrive on Words of Affirmations. She was one of the rare soul who says things as it is and means them. (Seriously, this trait is really rare. I can count with my 10 fingers how many people do bother to say things out loud like that). Especially when she truly feels appreciative, she will just say it out (ok, more like type it out loud)! I didn’t realize it at first until she said them so many times that I felt so good and hence I started collecting words from others too. To date, I have too many to count for and these words really feed my soul. 
From her, I too learn to show my appreciation verbally. I have always be thankful to the Universe and the birds and trees and butterflies but maybe I didn’t say it enough to people around me. Through her living example, I started to spread it out loud when I feel so appreciative towards others. I feel good doing that and I believe others feel good in receiving that too. Simple gift that costs nothing but a few limited breaths of mine. The more I give out, the more I notice they are coming back to me too. Maybe these people have been giving soul food to me without me realizing. But now, I am totally aware of them. 
Today is her special day. I am so thankful that she was born because her presence has truly changed my life for good. My dearest and whatta-awesome-wordsmith-you-are, happy birthday. I don’t have much to give but my words of appreciation towards our friendship and virtual presence for each other. I’m looking forward to seeing you tonight. You will have an awesome journey in this life because all is swell in our world. 
Joyeux anniversaire, ma chère amie!
Image taken on that special Friday the 13th of April 2012

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