To Live With or To Live Without

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Just yesterday I posted this conversation that I had with my BFF on my Facebook, it was titled as -_-” of the Day. Something that just make you have the “WTH” look.

-_-” of the Day:
DD: I think I’m not so attached to most things/people nowadays anymore. Can live without more and more things.
BFF: Really? OK, let me see what are the things I can take from your room. Hmm … 
BFF: Your clothes don’t fit me. I’m not interested in your Eiffel towers. Your fridge can’t fit into my room. OK. Nothing to kidnap.
DD: -_-

I received many interesting comments too from my friends such as …..

“I want your eiffel towers.”

“Are u attached to your money? I can help relieve you of your burdensome material possessions.”

My friends do have great sense of humour. I enjoy playing along with them too.

Then, this afternoon, I was at the super-crowded-during-lunch-time kinda coffee shop. Sipping my hot tea and eating biscuits. I was lucky to get a seat but then again, when you are just one person, how much space do you need, right? The Universe gave me 2 tables for 4.

Meanwhile, a group of people, who were blocked by a big pillar from my angle, were looking for a table. They were trying to squeeze in 1 table which by right only fit for 2. One attentive and “efficient” server (bosses will love this kind, I bet), Mdm. Lee, came to me and asked if I was willing to swap table with them. I said, of course and thanked her for letting me know as I couldn’t see them. If not, I would have offered them anyway. With my shrinking butt size, I don’t really need that big space.

This incident got me thinking though. I’m not sure how it is related to my Facebook post or what I’m going to say next but I’m still going to say it anyway …

Firstly, I find it really interesting that a day before I made such statement, the next day I was being shown a similar situation to affirm what I already affirmed.

Secondly, I am very amused by my friends’ reactions who immediately think if I can live without it, I should give it away. It really got me thinking … Sure, I can live without many many many things. But if I do have it, do I really need to give it away? Why? Just to prove my statement is right? No wonder I rarely want to be right anymore nowadays. I just want to be happy.

So, I can live without many things but I am happy to have them anyway. So, sorry my dear friends, I’m happily not giving you any of the items you are requesting not because I can’t live without them but because I know I can choose to live with or without them. And, at this point of my life, I still choose to live and appreciate them for as long as they let me to too.

I’m not sure if I’m making any sense. Oh well, maybe not and that’s fine too. It’s 10.52PM now and apparently I have been given a curfew to vacate from the office building asap … if not …. I also dunno what will happen. Hmmm …


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