I Believe There’s A Reason

I believe there’s a reason why I was born as an only child. For slowly I learned, I am responsible in keeping myself entertained when my parents were working. I have books and my imagination as my bestest of friends. I hardly knew what boredom was.

I believe there’s a reason why I’m a Scorpion Monkey. Both western and eastern zodiacs are signs that thrive through curiosities. Questioning everything, I learned to see my life filled with adventures and mysteries. The people I met were like the characters in the movies, dropping clues so the seeker may eventually solve the puzzles.

I believe there’s a reason why I was born in Indonesia. A country with the motto – Bhineka Tunggal Ika which means we are one even though we are different, I learned to embrace diversities. Every culture; be it the Javanese, the Batak, the Chinese, enhances the richness of the country. I remembered being at awe with all their wedding costumes for each province. Not to mention my palate was truly spoiled by the choices of food that one can never run out of.

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I believe there’s a reason why people called me many names since I was 3 years old. Donald Duck. Donut. Kacibol (The one with holes in the specs). Maradona. Madonna. Dontel. Don King. Dono. Dari Tanah (From the ground). Da Li Dan (Big egg). Da Ling Dan (Big zero). I learned that they can call me anything they want and I can still have fun in the process because names have never defined me. So far, I am giving myself more nicknames than others have given me. And I finally learned what I called myself is so much more important than what others call me. For now, I am very happy with Frenchie Cow-ish Pigeon-ish Scorpion Monkey Golden Beng who shouts Huat Ah and drinks wine at anytime possible. This list will get longer as I discover more things in my life.

I believe there’s a reason why I was made fun of when I mixed with friends who were much younger than me in high school. People called me “The King of Kids”. I understand now, I was learning to stand out and not to conform. I learned to be comfortable with whichever crowd I chose. Most importantly, I have learned, there’s no such things as age gap; it’s only the gap in your mind that you’re unable to come into terms with.

I believe there’s a reason why my parents had to bring me to all their “older people” outings. I was always the only kid around and never allowed to leave my parents’ sights. I understand now, I was being trained to the art of observing, listening and communicating with a more mature audience. Closing the imaginary “age gap” once again, from the other side of the spectrum.

I believe there’s a reason I feel at ease in Singapore. Equipped with my love for Hokkien dialect and surrounded myself with the locals, I was naturally mistaken as Singaporean within one month. I learned that Singapore is another platform for me to embrace International diversities. More cultures, more adventures, more experiences, more knowledge, more things unknown. Exciting!

I believe there’s a reason why I studied in Singapore, a heaven for knowledge in all forms. I continued my journey through books, tapes and seminars. Though the self-help route honestly didn’t help me much, but without those pebbles to step on, I wouldn’t have discovered the final rock to lean on and I wouldn’t have met my amazing ex-boss who’s now my mentor, my big brother and a really good friend.

I believe there’s a reason why my dog, Kiky, had to pass away when I was in Singapore. Thinking of that moment could still bring me to tears. I have learned that her death was a lesson that I took really long to learn. That every moment with your loved ones is simply precious. You can’t get back with whatever you think you can trade it with. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. I vow to myself, I will never get a dog unless I am able to spend most of my time with it. I can’t bear to think I have never spent enough time with it. Not again.

I believe there’s a reason why my heart was compelled to learn French for no logical reason at all. It was a gate that opened up to explosions of friendships, experiences and amazing possibilities that I wouldn’t even have imagined it to be possible. If I really need to trace back, my current sources of income, all thanks to my one single decision of following my heart – taking French course in Alliance Francaise. One of the best decision … EVER!

I believe there’s a reason why I am here now. Well, maybe, there’s no reason. Maybe there has never ever been a reason for anything at all. All this can just be my imagination. But I still choose to believe in reasons that serve and inspire this selfish lunatic me. Hello, c’est ma vie! As long as I still can choose for myself, I will choose to believe in the goodness of all things.

“… how simple and beautiful life can be—if we choose to see it that way.” 
– Oprah Winfrey

Cow Rocks!
How 1 year and 8 months just flew outta the window and life keeps getting better. Thank you, Universe! 🙂

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