Why Do I Love Pigeons?

If you have been my Facebook friend for a while, you can’t help but to associate me with pigeons. You will see I often talk about them, take photos of them, pretend to have conversations with them and friends will tag me of some pigeons photos because they thought of me when they see pigeons. (Honoured, thank you)

I wonder how did I start to love pigeons? I was not born like that. I didn’t notice pigeons when I was young. I didn’t notice pigeons when I was in the university. How did it happen?

As I walked down the memory lane, the earliest quirky pigeon experience I had was when I just finished my lunch with my BFF at the hawker center near my place. I saw, there was (I think) 1 pigeon in front of us. It was walking so cutely with that swinging behind. I followed it for quite a while then I chased it and then it flew away. I remember saying this out loud,”Cheh! Whatta show off!” As usual, my best friend just shook her head in disbelief. Though she’s used to my idiosyncrasy, but the list keeps expanding as time goes by and she has no choice but to keep out with it.

Since then, I notice pigeons everywhere I go. I find them really amusing. They always make my day without fail. Sure, in Singapore, they are everywhere. But I didn’t use to notice them the way I notice them now. Whenever I had a bad day, the sight of them will perk me up a little bit. Believe it or not, my good days definitely outnumber my bad days. Maybe because, as I started to notice the small little things, those small moments snowball into bigger moments.

Today, I finally understand why I derive joy from such experience as I stumbled upon the following quote –

The big events are noteworthy. But the big events are not the fabric of your life experience. And it’s the fabric of your life experience that equals to the way you chronically feel. And the way you chronically feel, is life. 
– Abraham-Hicks

Ahhh ….. A-HA!
That makes sense now.
Noticing pigeon is one of the thread in the fabric of my life experience. Listening to Titanium by David Guetta, was another. Going for wine events and getting to know people are two more threads. Stumbling upon cool words contributes too. What started off as only a few strands of individual string, have woven themselves beautifully into a big piece of fabric. And that … is … my life experience. A big, ever expanding tapestry that I call my awesome life.

Dear pigeons (I don’t care what breed, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, etc you are)
Thank you for enriching my life. Thanks for having fun with me (well, fun for me, not sure about you. :p) and I know for sure we will have more of such moments going forward. I’m glad you’re always there when I need you, except at night but your friends – the bats – do a good job too, sometimes.

So, how do you chronically feel? Have you found what are the strings that contribute to your fabric of life? 

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