I Need. I Want. I Be.

“I need to write.”

A voice that has been nagging in my head for the past few months.
My last blog entry was in October 2013. I had a few draft blog posts but none of them was completed.

“I need to write.”

There I said it again.

In the end, I wrote nothing.

So, today I silent the voice of “need” and change it to the voice of “want”.

“I want to write.”

The purposeful little voice of “a want” beats the many nagging voices of “a need”.

And that is good enough for now, so I thought.

It’s funny how these 2 simple words – “to need” and “to want” may have the same word(s) at the end of the sentence (Eg. to write, to eat, happiness, freedom, etc) but each carries different motivations.

As I write and ramble further in this post that may lead to nowhere, I come to realize there is a verb that is more effective than “to need” or “to want”. That is – “to be”. Because when you just “be”, you don’t need to need or to want because you already are “that”.

“I write.”
“I eat.”
“I am happy.”
“I am free.”

I will let “be” be the word that guides me in this new year. Funny that “to be” is actually part of my Chinese name and yet I still need to be reminded of it. Tsk Tsk Tsk Tsk.

Oh, Shakespeare, you’re a wise man indeed.

To be or not to be, that is the question.”
– William Shakespeare

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