Month: December 2012

Thank You, 2012. Come Here You, 2013.

Wow … without realizing, this is a ritual I have which I also did in 2011 when I said Au Revoir to 2011 and Bonjour to 2012. I shall, ask the same questions again and that will be: What have you learned?What will you leave behind?What will you bring with you to 2013? 2012 has […]

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If the World Ends on 21.12.2012

So the Mayans said the world may end on 21/12/2012. How exciting if that’s real. There and then whatever you need to do, you don’t need to any more. You will be eternally freed – unless you are reincarnated again and you have to serve your Karma which means nothing much has changed. Bummer. Assuming, […]

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At My Best, I Chirp

I love birds.I love looking at birds.I especially love when they just fly and soar up to the sky. Or, when they say “hello” by flying right in front of me and catch me by surprise. The slight sight of them will light up my face.The slight sound of them will make me join them […]

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