Month: June 2012

The Wonder of Facial Expressions

I remember sitting down with 3 of my friends in a restaurant. We were having dinner and chatting as usual. At one moment, we were talking about something, which I couldn’t remember what by now. But I remembered at one point, 2 of my friends were not saying anything but I knew at that exact […]

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Remember to Cut Your Losses

As I go deeper in the tunnel called life, I realized some things simply happened at the most perfect timing. Just today, my friend on Facebook posted an image with such a beautiful message which seriously couldn’t come at a more precise timing of my life. The message in the image shown below (in case […]

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Where Are You Heading in Life?

I have no idea how I should start this post now. I know I have to write something but I simply don’t know how to start. I don’t even know what is the theme I should write about. I almost gave up. But my fingers decide to give it a try. (Plus a few encouragements […]

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