Month: September 2010

You Still Can Give Even When You Have No Money

I stumbled upon this article who share 20 ways of giving even if you are broke. The title caught my attention and the ideas are just wonderful. Though some of them do depend on where you are but others are definitely do-able. For example, donate your old magazines, books, aluminum cans, etc. And the more […]

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The Secrets Power of Time

Another remarkable video by RSA Animate and this time it’s about how the perspective of time does affect the way we perceive things.

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So, What Drives You?

Since I still have no idea what I should blog that purely comes from my own brain, in the next few posts, I am going to share what I have been reading and finding out about the interesting world we are living in. Now … it’s this animated video/seminar about what drive us to do […]

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