Month: May 2008

Something from the Past

A tune came into my mind yesterday and it brought me to this video. What is it? If any of you have grown up in Indonesia and been educated there, it’s something you can’t miss at all. It’s one of our exercise routine which we had to do pretty regularly. It was part of our […]

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It Was Once A Phobia

Yes … it was …When anybody mentioned “its name”, I’ll shun them off. I’m appalled to even think about “it”. Well, that was donkey years ago. Now, who is not familiar with the word – insurance? Do you know how advanced this industry has become? Not only it has the cheaper range and those traditional […]

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You Publish!

Hi All I’d like to share with you a site that I just found. It’s suitable for anybody who’d like to publish anything, and guess what, you can even earn $$ from there. When I mentioned anything, it literally means anything like:– Books– Audio– Seminar package– Photo– Video– Presentation– Spreadsheets– Music– Etc It’s called YouPublish. […]

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