Category: History

For the Brave Women (and some Men) Out There

I just finished watching North Country right now on TV and my blood has never boiled to the roof like this before. Though what was being depicted in the movie was not BASED on a true story, it was only INSPIRED by a true story. But I can not imagine anybody was able to endure […]

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The Tower of BUNS

Once a upon a time in a land not so far away, there was a story about the tower of buns, which I’ll call it, Bak Pao Tower. (BP Tower?). Hhmmm … I should refrain myself from being crappy because I’m seriously going to talk about history, here. Plus, I’m not even sure whether the […]

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Ruin’s of St Paul

So where was I when it comes to Macau? Ah … I was eating THE egg tart and after that “enriching” the body session, I’m ready to “exercise”. The next stop, Ruins of St. Paul. As you see from the map, well, I don’t even know where’s the egg tart place but I suspect is […]

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