Category: Giving

Love Yourself First – Why Should You?

Try saying to yourself this statement – “I love myself and I put myself first.” How does it make you feel? More often than not, if you are not used to this concept, it will bring some shiver down your spine. You will not be at ease in saying that statement and it totally doesn’t feel […]

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The Gift That Gives to the Givers

Two weeks ago, my friend whom I knew from one of the earlier French class I attended, invited a group of us for her 10th year anniversary. In my life, I have only heard of such event in movies but never really participated in any. I almost went to a panic mode when a dress […]

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You Still Can Give Even When You Have No Money

I stumbled upon this article who share 20 ways of giving even if you are broke. The title caught my attention and the ideas are just wonderful. Though some of them do depend on where you are but others are definitely do-able. For example, donate your old magazines, books, aluminum cans, etc. And the more […]

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