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Who Do You Choose to Have in Your Garden of Life?

Besides his full time occupation of being a doctor, in his heart, my dad is a loving farmer. With the limited space we have on top of our shop house, he has managed to plant more than 23 varieties of vegetables or fruits 2 years ago (the number should be increasing by now? I’m not […]

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Lesson from 2012 – #1 – Do Not Believe in the “He Says”, “She Says”, “They Say”

So, I have promised that I will share 3 most important lessons I have learned in 2012. Here is my very first one: “Just because someone says the words, doesn’t mean it is the truth.  If you believe in it, please take full responsibility.  It was your choice to begin with in trusting their words.” […]

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Relationship, It Should Be Easy.

What an interesting night I had …! Spending time with 6 French speaking people after my 1 whole month of detox, oh how apt! Not only my ears were having orgasms, I was being spoilt with great food and great wine and most importantly, with my super broken Fransinglais (French+Singlish) I was able to carry […]

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